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Trump Continues to Challenge Election Results as Legal Options Dwindle

WASHINGTON—A defiant President Trump continued efforts to contest the outcome of the election, as his legal options narrowed and a number of Republicans expressed frustration with his refusal to acknowledge defeat.

Despite pressure to concede, Mr. Trump’s team over the weekend sought fresh avenues to reverse his loss to President-elect Joe Biden. They pledged to appeal a federal ruling in Pennsylvania that dismissed one of their lawsuits and filed a recount petition in Georgia after the election results were certified with Mr. Biden the winner.

The president continued to allege election fraud in a series of tweets on Saturday and Sunday—no evidence of widespread fraud has emerged—but his campaign faced dwindling options to contest the outcome of the Nov. 3 election. Michigan is scheduled to certify its results Monday, which is also the deadline for Pennsylvania counties to do so.

Many members of the president’s political party have supported his attempts to contest the results in court since Mr. Biden was declared the winner. The General Services Administration also hasn’t issued a typically routine technical designation that would allow the president-elect and his team to access key resources.

But while no representatives from the president’s campaign or legal team appeared on the Sunday talk shows to discuss their strategy, some Republicans took to the airwaves to signal that it was now time for the fight to end.

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