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Investors welcome Walmart CEO announcement on ethical recruitment in supply chain

Announcement from Walmart CEO on Ethical Recruitment Praised by Investors

Members of the Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility and Walmart shareholders welcomed today’s announcement by CEO Doug McMillon that the company would be implementing ethical recruitment practices including the prohibition of worker-paid recruitment fees known to increase the risk of slavery [and joining the Leadership Group for Responsible Recruitment]. The announcement will be made at a plenary during the Net Impact conference in Philadelphia today.

For ICCR members who have been in dialogue with the company since 2014 urging the adoption of a “No Fees Recruitment” policy, the announcement was especially well-received…

“Many supply chains are plagued with forced labor risks, most notoriously seafood, agriculture, and food and beverage, as well as the electronics and apparel industries,” said ICCR’s Valentina Gurney. “The majority of these risks stem from overlooked or poorly managed cross-border recruitment practices where migrant labor is prevalent. Walmart sources from over 70 countries in all of these high-risk sectors, so putting controls in place to manage recruitment of migrant workers is a critical step towards responsible sourcing and slave-free supply chains. We hope to see the company take concrete steps to implement comprehensive ethical recruitment standards.”…

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