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British entrepreneurs keep investing in Slovakia, despite Brexit

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The registered capital of British-owned companies in Slovakia now exceeds €1.2 billion.

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Six years after Britain voted in a referendum to leave the European Union, Slovakia remains popular among British entrepreneurs.

“Since 2016, we have seen a gradual increase in the number of companies with a British owner in Slovakia,” said Dun & Bradstreet analyst Petra Štěpánová. While 988 British entities operated on the Slovak market in 2016, by 2022 there were 1,351 of them.

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Dun & Bradstreet’s databases recorded the highest number of such firms last year, the analyst noted. In 2021, 1,446 companies from the United Kingdom operated on the Slovak market.

More capital

In addition to the high interest of British entrepreneurs in Slovak companies, their total registered capital has also increased. This year it has exceeded €1.2 billion, which is the highest figure ever recorded.

Compared to last year, the total has increased by more than €200 million, and since the referendum in 2016 by up to €850 million.

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The situation in the Czech Republic is diametrically different, though. The number of British companies on the Czech market has declined significantly since 2018.

“According to our databases, there are 3,915 [such companies there] today,” concluded Štěpánová.

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