XFL bullish on benefits of new replay technology

The revamped XFL, ahead of its 2023 season kick off this weekend, has a new exclusive deal with software developer Bolt6 that will give the league access to the first immersive cloud-based replay system in football, my colleague Tom Friend writes.

Bolt6’s platform will provide real-time streamlined video to the XFL officiating Command Center, to the coaches on the sideline and to the ESPNDisney broadcast booth. XFL VP of Officiating and Rules Innovation Dean Blandino will have jurisdiction to review any play necessary and the TV network will be able to show and mic up Blandino as he deliberates. Coaches will even be able to use the instant video to decide whether to challenge one penalty or non-call a game.

Bolt6’s innovation is designed to make Blandino’s decision-making process simpler through its cloud-based platform. “We don’t have to deal with the infrastructure and the hardware that others do, whether it’s the NFL’s replay system or other replay systems around the world,” Blandino said.

With the Bolt6 360-degree platform, Blandino will be able to spin and redirect replays to create definitive views and angles — similar to Hawk-Eye — which will be tantamount if the XFL has a controversial play.