The Best Vanguard Mutual Funds Of February 2023

The Vanguard Group is among the largest global managers of ETFs and mutual funds. Founded by investing legend Jack Bogle in 1974, the firm pioneered low-cost index fund investing when it launched the First Index Investment Trust, the first index fund available to the general public.

“I rank this Bogle invention along with the invention of the wheel, the alphabet, Gutenberg printing, and wine and cheese,” said Paul Samuelson, the legendary American economist and Nobel laureate.

As of March 2022, BlackRock was the world’s largest mutual fund management company, with $10 trillion in assets under management (AUM). Vanguard is a close second, with $8.1 trillion in AUM. Vanguard’s price-conscious approach to mutual funds has helped it climb into its dominant position in the industry.