Police hiring 'cryptocurrency investigator' to seize digital assets of crooks

Police are hiring a “cryptocurrency investigator” as they seek to seize the digital assets of crooks who store their dirty cash via 21st-century means. It comes as gangs turn to virtual payment methods that have boomed in popularity in recent years.

It can make the job of detectives seeking to identify and recover criminal proceeds more difficult. Now, the Regional Organised Crime Unit (ROCU) is seeking a new staff member to support its Birmingham team at the rank of constable.

“The successful candidate will proactively identify opportunities to investigate and recover cryptocurrency and other digital assets,” a job description reads. “They will develop intelligence around money laundering [organised crime groups] and map their activity to understand how they utilise and realise such assets. All activity will be driven by the ROCU control strategy and force vision.”

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The successful candidate will benefit from opportunities to complete “additional training and accreditations to assist the role”. And anybody thinking of applying has been told: “A desire to learn and adapt to this area of business and disseminate your knowledge to others is essential.”

Primary responsibilities include adapting to developments in cryptocurrency, applying knowledge to complex probes and analysing data.

Successful applicants will be required to pass vetting and security clearance scrutiny prior to commencing the role. This will include a full background and financial disclosure as part of the vetting process.

Find out more about the role here.

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