Module 1 – Getting Started

Welcome To The Triad Trading Formula Program!

First of all, congratulations on your Triad Formula purchase! You are on your way to becoming a more accurate and consistently profitable trader! Before we get started, let’s run down a few things that we MUST do in order to run the Triad software on your computer, and take full advantage of trading with Triad…

#1) Install Adobe Reader (PDF Viewer)

If you already have Adobe Reader, or any other PDF viewer, feel free to skip this step.

A PDF document is a file that serves as a “digital book”. It is similar to a book in the fact that it is uneditable, and it has pages (and graphics). The Triad manual is in a PDF form, so you will need a “viewer” to be able to read the manual. Simply download this software, and you should be just fine:

#2) Download The Triad PDF Manual

The Triad manual is in a PDF format, for ease of reading and installation.

Click Here To Download The Triad Manual (PDF)

This guide will help you through the process of getting up and running quickly. Use it as a reference point in helping you through the process of getting started with Triad.

#3) Review the following checklist as a “Quick Start Guide”

a) Watch All Of The Training Modules

The training modules section can either be navigated by hovering your mouse over the “Training Modules” section of your Trading Triad member’s area, or by clicking on each thumbnail for the modules in the main member’s area page. These modules may need to be watched more than once, but with our simple “VCR” style video interface, you may pause/rewind/replay any of the videos of your choice, so you can learn at your speed!

b) Read And Reference The Triad Trading Formula Users Manual

The Triad user manual, which can be found in PDF format above on number 4, is a PDF style document that provides training in an all “text and image” format. It’s a good idea to follow along in the manual with the Training Module videos, or simply use as a reference. We advise to read through it fully at least once.

c) Check Out Our Bonus Material!

Our bonus material isn’t just “extra stuff” – it’s incredibly useful! You get extra bonus systems that will allow you to supplement your portfolio. We always add more bonuses to the member’s area to allow you to get the most out of both your Triad experience and your trading career, so check back to this section often!

#4) Trading the Theory of Triad

60/30/10 Theory…

Trading Trends…

Trading Counter-Trends…

Trading Breakouts…

Good Trading,
Jason Fielder