Traders Unite!


AA Long

A look at a few key stocks. Ford is now using a lot more Aluminum in their trucks, and AA is major manufacturer of Aluminum.

NFLX Short Trade

A look at Netflix stock. Low risk, high reward.

SBUX Short Setup

A quick look at what SBUX (Starbucks) is doing, and what you should do.

Breaking Out Long

Looking at Coca Cola since it has spent 3 days below the cloud.

Long Breakout


How To Use VWAP

Going over the VWAP (Volume Weighted Average Price), a way for institutional traders to know if they are buying at a discount, or paying up.

LEN Short Trade

Putting on a short trade on LEN, a stock you should be following.

Long PLCM Polycom Inc.


How To Figure Out Price Targets

Figuring out Price Targets using Fibonacci Price Extension Lines Tool.